The Voyage Bali – Are you planning to spend your time in Bali villas? Then you’re in for a treat. We’re going to inform you some villas in Bali that are very affordable and still offer you the best services and experience in Bali that you wont regret. It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling for a honeymoon, business meeting or travel, traveling alone or with the entire family, Bali is a great place for everyone and staying in a villa will enhance your travel.

There are so many impressive Bali villas that you can choose, we’ll narrow it down for you to villas that are not only affordable but at least has a 4-star status. So, your trip will be fun, guaranteed.

Villa Lisha

For people who want are looking for space more than anything else from a villa, Villa Lisha might be one of the best Bali villas Seminyak you can get. It’s spacious, luxury and self-indulgence, the villa will make you forget of all your troubles and immerse yourself in the comfort of four-star villa. The décors in the villa is gorgeous, complete with sun terrace, lush tropical garden and generous living space.

The spacious rooms are possible thanks to the design. The walls are full of gaps and opening. Adored with beautiful glass walls and wooden ornaments. There are many rooms without door as well. The building feels like one giant room that seamlessly connects to the outdoor scenery.  The villa comes with two bedrooms. Just when you think one is enough, they give you two.

Villa Lisha is really trying their best to spoil their guests. They have a very high standard regarding their services. They will ensure that you get all of their luxurious and romantic vibes. The environment will enhance your stay at the villa and all the staff, from driver to cook and room staff will be ready at all time to help you. The villa is only five minutes away from all the beaches, restaurants, shops and many more in Seminyak.

Despite all of these perks and features you can get, you’ll only have to spend from $95. That’s a steal for the experience you’ll get.

Villa Lisha Bali
Modern design at Villa Lisha Bali (source: Agoda)

Danoya Villa

Danoya Villa is a very romantic Bali villa. Perfectly designed for couples who don’t want to be apart from their loved ones. You can spend your time going on the best date of your life in the conform of your private building.

Inspired by a blend of Mediterranean and Balinese style, the villa looks really refreshing and unique. This tropical villa feels very welcoming with relaxing open concept architecture on the inside. Now you can spend the whole day looking at your partner.

All the features in the building are within reach. Personal indoor pool looks very comfortable and definitely feels comfortable too. Decorated with candles, patio and some greens, you’ll feel like being outdoor with 100% privacy. It’s also fully air conditioned.

Overall, the villa is designed to be enjoyed completely indoor. The villa is big but you won’t feel separated from your partner for a single second while you’re there. Sit back and relax in the roomy space, take advantage of the 24-hour facilities and semi-butler service.

If you do want to go outside, Danoya is located at a very strategic part of Seminyak. The Main Batu Belig road is just a minute away, you only need to walk to go to the best restaurants in the area. The rate is very affordable, starting from only $67.

Danoya Villa
Romantic Setup at Danoya Villa Bali (source: Agoda)

Kubal Villa

Another romantic villa Seminyak. Kubal Villa ensures that your honeymoon will leave a ever-lasting memory for the rest of your life. This is a great a place to get lost just the two of you. They will make sure that you and your partner are spoiled, thanks to the gorgeous lush garden, alluring pool, sun terrace and bamboo walls.

Kubal Villa is a place that will make you feel peaceful. The time that you spend there will feel like eternity. Everything inside the villa is very beautifully designed. You can choose between one, two and four-bedroom villas, including the level of luxury. No matter which one you choose, you’ll get the full experience in the villa. A real sanctuary for couples.

The villa is closely connected to the outside world. You’ll be surprised at how different it is between the inside of the villa and the outdoors. If you’re feeling like you want to relax and stay cozy, you can stay indoor and go outside anytime you want when you feel like jumping back into the real world. Kubal Villa is located right in the center of Seminyak. It takes only 1 minute of walking and you can already enjoy the stunning Seminyak beach. Beside the beach there are other popular attractions such as Woobad and Potato Head Beach Club which can also be accessed by mere minutes of walking.

Kubal Villa Seminyak
Kubal Villa Seminyak (source: Agoda)

Villa Segara Legian

This villa is like a big oasis from the busy city life and the best thing is, it’s your private tropical oasis in the heart Legian. No doubt this villa is one of the best Bali accommodation Legian that you can find. Entering the property, you’ll be greeted by a lush tropical garden surrounded by 7 meters pool, a timber deck with sun-lounges and an outdoor shower. Downstairs, there is an open plan lounge and dining area, fully functioning kitchen, 1 bedroom with a king-sized bed and en-suite, and the other 2 bedrooms are equipped with queen-sized beds and a shared bathroom. Also, all bedrooms are air-conditioned and have a TV and DVD player.

This place is definitely a luxury in Bali. It’s located on the popular Jalan Padma Utara. The area is filled with cafes, restaurants and bars, all on your doorstep. The facilities and services here are world class. But don’t worry about the price, starting from $173 you can enjoy the impressive villa to your heart’s content. You can’t go wrong with Villa Segara Legian, no doubt one of the best Bali villas in the whole island.

Affordable Bali Villas
Affordable Bali Villas at Legian (source: villasegaralegian)

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