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Tranquil vibes at Omnia Bali (credit: Instagram)

8 Famous Bali Bars With Delicious Cocktail in 2020

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The Voyage Bali – There are many things you can do in Bali, and one of them is having fun in Bali bars. You can enjoy the wondrous nature that Bali offers. From beaches, waterfalls, and lakes, you can enjoy all of them without breaking the bank. Now, it’s time to enjoy your time in Bali with other people. Bar is a great place to see the look of people’s faces in Bali. foreigners, locals, men and women, bar is a great place to hang around.

Here, we have for you a list of great and unique bars to spend your time and relax in Bali. Great places to have a conversation and possibly make new lifelong friends.

Bamboo Beach Bar

Bamboo Beach Bar was designed by full blooded Balinese architect. Built complete from bamboo, looks very easy on the eyes and obviously environmentally friendly. To make you even more comfortably, there are many swing seats available. You can relax in these bamboo cradles, while sipping your favorite drinks. It feels like you’re a baby and might put you to sleep.

The overall design reminds me of a tree house, except that it’s much bigger than you typically see on someone’s backyard. The bar is very big once you get inside. Lots of areas to eat, drink and just explore. The bar has three floors, you can go to the back to enjoy the pool while enjoying the sunset. On the ground floor, there is a casually chic restaurant. The restaurant opens all day from 6.30 AM, you can get breakfast, lunch, dinner and happy hour. The bar is also located near the beach, you can take your conversation from the bar to the beach.

Bamboo Beach Bar Bali
Bamboo Beach Bar Bali at Prama Hotel Sanur (credit: Prama Hotel Sanur)

Rock Bar Bali

This awesome Rock Bar Bali is created by the genius Japanese designer Yasuhiro Koichi. It’s best to visit the bar during sunset. You enjoy your time there while witnessing the beautiful sunset on the ocean view. Gazing at the infinite horizon while enjoying your best drinks. Sebastien Bonnefoi will be the one preparing your best liquors, mixed with the best tropical fruits, local herbs and spices. Also, you’d have to reserve a spot beforehand, because the place is always busy.

Rock Bar Bali
Sunset view at Rock Bar Bali (credit: Rock Bar BalI)

Hard Rock Bali

Everyone knows Hard Rock Bali. it’s probably one of the most famous Bali bars. Great food, and live music center stage will blast you and make forget about all your worries. The bar is located in the popular tourist destination, Kuta. It’s also near the Beachwalk Shopping Center Kuta Square and the amazing Kuta Beach. This makes Hard Rock to be the best oasis, rest your legs here after you spend the whole day exploring Kuta. Don’t forget to check their legendary menu, full of local flavors like the legendary burger and other famous dishes in the world.

Hard Rock Bar
Never ending party at Rock Bar Bali (credit: Instagram)

Potato Head Beach Club

Potato Head Beach Club is designed like a Coliseum with its elliptical corridor. Complete with amphitheater filled with green grass facing the vast ocean. The pool on the beach side is cleverly designed, from the first glance, it’s as if the pool merges with the ocean. You can enjoy the sunset on the pool or on the second floor of the building. Immersive yourself in this amazing experience of a Bali bar.

Potato Head Beach Club
Potato Head Beach Club (credit: Instagram)

La Favela Bali

From the name you might guess that the bar is Brazillian-themed, well you’re not wrong. But the bar itself is more radical than that. La Favela Bali is a blend between modern and old-pirate building. From the outside the place looks modern, with greens literally all over the structure. From the inside, it looks like an old abandoned colonial building hidden in a middle of a thick jungle. The furniture looks old and antique, vines are everywhere and, on the corners, old scooters and Volkswagen add the feeling of being abandoned. There are so many items placed inside, take your time to look at all of them and you can take pictures too if you want. It’s really interesting to know the story and significant of each item.

Classic Style La Favela
Classic Style at La Favela (credit: Instagram)

Omnia Bali

Omnia Bali is truly the best example of Bali’s luxury lifestyle. Built on top of a magnificent cliffs of Uluwatu, this place is like a wonder of architectural world. 360-degree view deck and bar allow you to enjoy the stunning views of the island. Enjoy the typical Omnia’s signature 5-star service. Dance, drink and eat while being surrounded by ocean and sun 24/7.

Omnia Bali
Tranquil vibes at Omnia Bali (credit: Instagram)

Motel Mexicola

So, you love both Bali and Mexico? Then, Motel Mexicola is for you. It’s getting more and more popular in Bali. So many people are visiting here every single day. The main reason for this is because it’s uniquely design, definitely different from all bars. The place has a very tight security. There are so many restaurants inside, plus a shopping center.

The whole place gives the impression of being quirky and colorful. The walls are crowded with pictures, paintings and other kind of items. The food Is delicious and they have a very long list of menus. If you’re looking for a place to hang out, that is different and unique, give this place a chance.

Motel Mexicola
Motel Mexicola (credit: Instagram)

La Plancha Bali

La Plancha Bali is the true definition of a sunset bar, complete with the vintage Balinese brollies and iconic beanbags. This Spanish beach bar and restaurant is very chill and laidback and most importantly unpretentious. A perfect place for people who just want to relax and lay back in a comfy bean bag and watch the sunset without too much noise. Despite being busy, it’s pretty easy to reserve a spot in this place. The staff members are polite and friendly, they will take you to your spot on the beach.

La plancha
Enjoy a cocktail or beer while waiting for Sunset at La Plancha (credit: Instagram)

Whichever place you choose to go to, always remember to have as much fun as possible and respect other people and nature. Drink responsibly and create beautiful memories that will remember for many years to come. It’s great to try as many Bali bars as possible, Bali is a big island with a lot of fun things to do.

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