5 Recommended Bali Swing You Should Try

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The Voyage Bali – Vacationing in Bali is a very pleasant. You will find a variety of destinations that are very cool and fun. If you go to Bali, what you do is head to the beach, rice paddies, or just do the rafting. However, did you know that there is one dancing destination in Bali that you should try? Yeah, you can do a Bali swing. Besides having many tourist attractions, Bali also has many swings that you should try. Here are 5 Bali Swing that you can try when visiting tourist attractions in Bali. For the price of swing in Bali is around Rp150,000-300,000 / person.

Where is The Best Bali Swing?

Wanagiri Hidden Hill

If you have ever visited Wanagiri, you surely know that this place is the best spot you can choose to take photos. Not only presents a very beautiful view, this tourist spot also presents a swing with a unique background and you can choose it as your Instagram feed. The swings available at Wanagiri Hidden Hill vary from swing-shaped cocoons to butterflies. You can even see the beautiful scenery of Twin Lakes and it perfectly safe. They also have several instagrammable venue, such as a bird nest.

Wanagiri Hill Swing
Wanagiri Hill Swing – Exotic Swing with Twin Lakes View (source: Wandersandwarrior)

Resto D’alas

Resto D’alas swing is one of the famous Bali swing. In addition to this restaurant serving typical Indonesian food, in this place you can also try one of the pretty interesting swings with views of terraced rice fields like in Tegalalang. You can enjoy the beauty of the fields under the unique background. Most of the instagram influencer photos are taken from this place.

Resto D'alas Swing
Resto D’alas Swing with Rice field view (source: Instagram)

Zen Hideaway

Bali Swing which is very hits on the next Instagram and you must try is Zen Hideaway. This place has a pretty interesting swing because the swing is bound by tall coconut trees. When you choose to try this destination, you will see a variety of beauty underneath such as the Ayung River, rice fields, up to dozens of palm trees lined up neatly.

Bali Swing
Swing at Zen Hideaway (source: Instagram)

Charly’s Chocolate Factory

This place is one of the chocolate factories in Bali. Its located in Karangasem Area. When you visit this place, you will see a stretch of beach that is still awake and dozens of coconut trees with Bali swing between the coconut trees. When you use this swing, you will see the vast beach in front of you where the rope from the swing is very simple, which is tied between the coconut trees. Besides enjoying the swing, you can drink hot chocolate or pancakes at the factory. The price offered is also quite cheap. Interested in trying?

Charlie's Swing Bali
Charlie’s Swing Bali with Sea View (credit: Instagram)
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