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The Voyage Bali – Have you ever traveled to Lombok? This island is located in the eastern side of Indonesia, exactly the next island after Bali. This island is also popular for alternative tourists’ destination after Bali. Every year, the number of visitors of this island increases. The tourists who come to this island are not only from domestic, but most of them are internationals.

Actually, Bali and Lombok offers the same tourism objects, most of them are beaches. However, what makes it different between them is that beaches in Lombok are far more pristine compared to Bali island. Thus, most beaches in Lombok island provides you with breathtaking scenery, since it is untouched and less populated than Bali. Also, compared to Bali, this island is having less traffic in its road.

Talking about traveling to Lombok, there are many things you can enjoy when you are in a holiday in this island. But, I want to give you some recommendations on what are the best things to do in Lombok so that you will not regret at the end of your journey to this paradise island of Indonesia.

Going to Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is the most developed Gili islands among other Gili in Lombok. It is also the biggest one. However, do not expect to get complete facilities in this island. It is not like Bali which you can find many transportation, in this island, you have to take an old-fashioned horse or cart to get around. It is because Gili Trawangan is still lack of public transportation to its visitors.

However, this island offers you with the best night life. You can easily find many venues to have night parties with your friends. They usually gives you the best experience to enjoy the long night life in Gili Trawangan. Do not worry about the bars, you can always spot it everywhere in Gili Trawangan. There are also some clubs with dance floors if you prefer to have an indoor party rather than outdoor party facing the pristine beach of Lombok.

In the day, by going to Gili Trawangan, you can discover pristine white beaches and clear waters. Most of the visitors here are taking snorkeling or diving to enjoy the water world of this island. You can rent the amenities needed to the local people who sell this service to you. These locals are usually will guide you through your journey on this island. Most of them are already skilled, thus you do not have to worry whether they can guide you or not.

Gili Trawangan
Gili Trawangan (credit: Booking)

Enjoy the Waterfalls

Lombok, besides offering you with the untouched breathtaking beaches, it also has many great and fascinating waterfalls. Most waterfalls in Lombok are situated inside the jungle of this archipelago. Also, the journey requires you to take a hike to the forests and you need to be led by an experienced guide. I realize that this trip would be long and tiring to you, but after seeing the beautiful landscape of the waterfalls, I can guarantee that all of your fatigue will be paid off.

There are many waterfalls that you can explore from this island. Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep waterfalls are located on the foot of Mount Rinjani. You need to get here by 2.5 hours of driving from Mataram, the capital city of Lombok. Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep are continuation waterfalls. The first waterfall that you will see is Sendang Gile waterfall. But if you are craving for more adventurous waterfall journey, you can always continue your unbelievable trek to Tiu Kelep waterfall. The waterfalls are surrounded by rainforest with towering tropical trees around it.

Sendang Gile
Sendang Gile Waterfall (credit: Pinterest)
Tiu Kelep Waterfall
Tiu Kelep Waterfall (credit: Wiki)

Another waterfall that you can enjoy while in Lombok is Mayang Putek waterfall. It is the most unique waterfall amongst all. This waterfall contains sulfur from Mount Rinjani in its water and it is believed by locals that this water could heal your aches, pains, and various illnesses. Similar with other waterfalls, you have to take a hike through a hill and then cross the river if you want to enjoy your sulfur bath here. But, like I mentioned earlier that everything you have sacrificed will be worth it after you see and enjoy the the waterfall.

Spend Your Day in Gili Meno

If Gili Trawangan is the most developed island in Lombok, then Gili Meno is the most under-developed among the three gilis or islands. Since it is the most under-developed, it offers you different experience in enjoying your trip while in Lombok. It is the most peaceful island and you can spend 2 hours to walk around along the beach of Gili Meno.

To reach here, you need to take a boat from Gili Trawangan for fifteen minutes. The price is quite cheap if you take the public transport, but if you hire a private one, the cost will be more pricey. To take a public boat, you only need to pay about IDR 25,000 or less than 2 dollars. However, if you hire a private boat for your trip to Gili Meno, you have to purchase the ticket around IDR 190,000.

After getting this island, if you want to eat, you can spot many local cafes which serve you grilled fish on the beaches. Besides, there are lots of activities you can do in this island, for example, reading books, lazing around in hammocks, and playing chess with locals. You can find that most local people are friendly with new tourists.

Gili Meno
Gili Meno (credit: Pinterest)

Trip to Pink Beach Lombok

The most interesting part of traveling to Lombok is that you can enjoy the trip to pink beach Lombok. Tangsi beach or Pink beach is located in the south-eastern shore of Lombok island. It is situated in a small village called Sekaroh, Jerowaru on Ekas Peninsula. This is one of the hidden treasures you can discover while in Lombok. You have to know the fact that the pink beach Lombok is one of the ten pink sand beaches in the world!

Pink Beach Lombok
is Pink Beach Lombok worth to visit? (credit: Instagram)

You can reach the pink beach by renting a private car from Mataram and spend about 2 hours from there. You can do everything you want to do on this beach, for instance swimming with your friends. The water is safe so that you do not have to worry about the waves. You can also take a hike to the hillside of the beach. You only need thirty minutes to get to the top of the hill. By reaching this hill, you can perfectly enjoy the wonderful scenery of the beach in Lombok.