Broken Beach Nusa Penida
Broken Beach Nusa Penida (credit: Instagram)

Nusa Penida, Excitement and Fun Things to Do

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The Voyage Bali – Do you know that Nusa Penida is a smaller island that is located not far from Bali as the main island? Most travelers only know Bali as a single tourist destination but you can actually explore further to the smaller islands. You see, there are trio islands that are separated from Bali and each of them has its own unique and signature styles. A lot of travelers also love exploring Nusa Penida for its exotic and unique characteristics. So, what should you know about this island, anyway?

About Nusa Penida

Remember about those trio islands off from Bali? They are Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan, and Nusa Lembongan. Among the three, Nusa Penida Bali is the biggest. Reaching the island is quite easy. If you are staying in Bali, go to Sanur which is the eastern part of Bali. You can find ferry there and it is going to take you across. If you have more time, spend around 3 to 4 days there – you won’t regret it at all. A lot of people make mistakes by coming to the island for a shorter hour – and they immediately regret it because they want to explore more!

If you decide to stay in Bali but you want to go back and forth to Nusa Penida, be my guest. It is easy to find a guided trip to the island – it is also possible to do it alone without the guide. Even with a guide, a whole day tour trip costs you only $65 and it includes the guide, boat transfer, lunch, and hotel drop off and pick up. A trip across Bali to Nusa Penida can take an hour, so be ready with your comfort amenities is you want to make it.

The roads in the island are pretty good because of the increasing numbers of tourists – and also the increased popularity of the island. Expect the traffic to increase although it won’t be as packed and jammed as in Bali. A motorbike is a popular option to explore the island without hurting your wallet. You can rent a motorbike for around IDR 70,000 a day – already with the gas tank full. If you are going to rent it for a week (or longer), you can negotiate it with the provider. They generally are willing to reduce the cost.

Nusa Penida Island
Nusa Penida Island (credit: Wikipedia)

Where to Stay

No need to worry about your accommodation while in Nusa Penida. As one of the most popular destinations, besides Bali, the island has several great lodging options. For instance, there is Semabu Hills Resort, which is one of the most luxurious and exclusive lodging in the island. The resort has its own infinity pool facing the ocean – perfect to relax after a whole day exploring the island. The room is luxurious and exclusive – you can pick the size whether you are going as a solo traveler, honeymooners, or with families. The facilities are complete, so you can really enjoy your stay to the greatest and highest extent.

Another option for Nusa Penida accommodation is Ananta Bungalow with its amazing location. It is situated next to Crystal Bay, a popular sunset spot in Nusa Penida. It is also a popular place for snorkeling trips and Manta Ray exploration. Another amazing thing about Ananta Bungalow is the nice vibe – combining modern amenities and island life. No need to worry, the place has AC and WiFi – and you are free to choose what kind of bungalow to stay in.

If you are rather low on the budget, go to Hostel Nusa Penida. It is close to the main spots like hikes, beaches, and attractions. The place is modern with friendly staff. It also offers free WiFi and the rate won’t hurt your wallet either.

Things to Do at the Island

You are basically free to roam the island – whether for diving or snorkeling or to explore the waterfalls and caves. Going to Nusa Penida will give you another insight and experience – it is completely different from the ones you have in Bali.

Pura Goa Giri Putri is a perfect spot to explore if you want to do a bit hiking. The cave is accessible by a winding and steep staircase. Be advised to rent a sarong first before hiking up and be prepared to meet some wild monkeys. You will have to crawl first before you are finally inside the cave. There is an eerie atmosphere with a mix of peaceful feel (mostly from the prayers). If you don’t mind these things, then it should be in your must-visit list.

Another option is to go to Peguyangan Waterfall with its signature style. To reach the area, you will have to go up and down the stairs (they are blue) so it is already a challenge. Then there is the coastal cliff view that is breathtaking and amazing. And then there is the waterfall and sacred temple – all in one spot! Not only the rituals are amazing (it is unique in its own way), but the arrangement of the temple and the natural rock pools are just amazing. You have to experience it on your own to feel the sensation –  no words can describe it.

Did I mention that Nusa Penida is popular for its beach? I did, didn’t I? Well, Atuh Beach is one of the most interesting and popular beaches in the island. It is a white sandy beach that is circled by amazing rock formation and tall (and huge) cliffs. You should be able to see an arch stands tall on the shore – with some islets are visible from the distance.

Of course, those places aren’t the only thing you can find in the island. There are Seganing Falls, the T-Rex Kelingking Beach, Manta Bay, Crystal Bay, Toyapakeh, Angel’s Billabong, Broken Beach, and so much more. There are things for everything – whether you are into sunbathing and beach exploration, hiking, or diving.

Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida
Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida (credit: wanderersandwarriors)

If you are going to Bali, consider about spending some days at Nusa Penida – it is worth it. Don’t forget to make plans and arrangements by making advanced booking. Spending your holiday in Nusa Penida is going to give you a memorable experience you won’t forget.


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