The Voyage Bali – Do you have the desire to vacation in Ubud? If you want to visit Ubud or take a vacation, you must know the thing you must do while there. This is because there are so many tourist attractions in Ubud and you will be confused when you don’t write a list of activities that you want to do. By making a list of activities, you can easily go to the tourist places you want to go in there. Here are thing to do in Ubud, you have to know.

A Vacation to Tegallalang Terraced Rice Fields

Yeah, Ubud is known as a tourist spot in Bali to see Rice Field. This tourist attraction is very popular and well-known by local and foreign tourists. The location of this tourist attraction is also close to the Kintamani tourist attractions so that tourists can go to the Kintamani tourist attractions after taking photos at this place. Near Tegallalang Rice Terrace, you will find a cafe that you can go to and enjoy the rice field view.

Tegallalang Rice Terrace
Wonderful view at Tegallalang Rice Terrace Ubud (source: Shutterstock)

Tour to Monkey Forest Ubud

Maybe you often hear this tourist spot. This tourist spot is very famous in Ubud, Bali. Many tours and travel ticket providers provide this tour package in their destination list. Besides being able to see monkeys in this forest, you can also see protected forests that are still very beautiful and protected. You will find a variety of unforgettable experiences when visiting this forest.

Mongkey Forest Ubud
Mongkey Forest Ubud (source: shutterstock)

Riding a Bicycle on the Edge of a Rice Field

This activity does sound ordinary. However, what if you do these activities with a view that is very cool and amazing? Bike riding activities in Ubud are very popular with both local and foreign tourists and you have to enter this activity as thing to do in Ubud. The high interest in bicycle riding tours in the rice fields of Ubud, making services or operators who initially provided facilities for white water rafting in Bali, should add the services of other operators.

Riding a bicycle at campuhan
Riding a bicycle at campuhan ridge (source: goto-travelbali)

Shopping at Ubud Art Market

When you visit Ubud, you have to buy one or several souvenirs in Ubud. One of the well-known places is the Ubud Art Market. You will find various art and traditional items made by the Ubud community such as woven bags and so on.

Ride an Elephant on Taro Ubud

One of the thing to do in Ubud is to ride an elephant in the village of Taro Ubud. The price of doing this activity is very expensive. However, you can try it to get an unforgettable experience. Although the price for this activity is quite expensive, you get very comfortable facilities such as neatly arranged gardens, shady gardens, fat elephants, tame, and not smelled, so you can eat as much buffet as you like.


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