The Voyage Bali – When you are in Ubud you need a list of things that you will do or visit there because there are a lot things that you could do there. Start from walking to the rice fields, do electric cycling, seeing art museums, eating in the famous restaurant and many more. If you have difficulty in determining what things to do in Ubud, here are some list that you could do when you are in vacation near Ubud area.

Dine in at Lacavore

Lacavore is one of the most famous restaurants in Bali and Indonesia. Almost everyone knows this restaurant. It won a host of award. It is the kind of restaurant to come, if you are looking for a great fusion food. To get the best of your meal you could choose dishes paired with wine. Most of the dishes are fusion, so it clears that they mix local aspects with the foreign methods. Its famous dishes are smoked catfish and pork shoulder. Make sure to book in advance if you are planning to dine in here.

Lacavore Ubud
Simple and Modern Setup on Lacavore Restaurant Ubud (souce: bali-indonesia)
Lacavore Ubud Menu
Lacavore Ubud Signature Menu (source: thelostguides)

A walk in Campuhan Ridge Walk

The next things to do in Ubud that you can’t miss is walking in Campuhan Ridge. This one is suitable for you who want to go on about in Ubud. It is located outside of town. It offers a great local scenery where you could enjoy a great view of rice paddies. This walk will lead you to a lush area of magnificent hills that overlook an admirable valley and you could stroll around the ridge from starting point of Gunung Lebah temple.

Campuhan Ridge Walk
Vibes on Campuhan Ridge Walk (source: Instagram)

Cherishing the Museum Puri Lukisan

Ubud is well known for its art galleries on the island because Ubud is the cultural capital of Bali. If you want to visit museum in Bali, the best on of them is Museum Puri Lukisan. Here you will find a wide range of artwork on display which has English explanation in it. This museum is suitable for you guys who loves arts and dying to learn more about them. They also have a restaurant with delicious menu. You should try their signature duck menu. It’s really delicious.

Museum Puri Lukisan
Museum Puri Lukisan (source: Instagram)

Do white water rafting in Ubud

Other things to do in Ubud that you can’t miss is doing white water rafting. It will give you unforgettable experience because it is one of many challenging activities that you could do. There are a number of operators that manage rafting tours in Ayung river that you could call if you are interested. The trips are about 20 minutes out of Ubud and usually last for 2 till 3 hours.

White Water Rafting Ubud
Enjoy White Water Rafting Ubud with Friendly guides (source: adventureinyou)

Admiring the Ubud Botanic Garden

For you guys who enjoy greenery, flower, and open space you should visit Ubud Botanic Garden. It offers wide lovely green space with many different themed areas and some greenhouses and children’s area too. This place is suitable for you guys who want to escape from the crowded city and looking for quite place instead. In sum, those are 5 things to do in Ubud that you guys should definitely do while explore this area.

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