The Voyage Bali – Although Ubud is located in Bali, there is a certain vibe about the place that differentiates it from other spots like Seminyak or Kuta. You can tell that there is something elegant about the place. Ubud has been known for its cultural aspect where you can find museums, temples, and art galleries to explore. Unlike other areas that have been dominated by modernity, you can still find traditional elements about Ubud. You can easily find rice field and green views in many places. There are many natural paths and walks, allowing you further and more intimate exploration on your own. Want to go to sacred bathing spot of Tirta Empul or other temples? Be ready for your exploration!

Things to Do in Ubud

There are actually many things to do in Ubud. If you are into history, art, and culture, there are many museums to visit and explore. Art galleries are also available and easy to reach. If you like to try different kinds of foods, there are also many restaurants to visit. They are coming in different ranges – high ends to traditional establishments. You will never lack of interesting things when exploring Ubud, for sure.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk is one of the most popular spots in Ubud, mostly known and popular for its natural (breathtaking) view. The place itself isn’t situated inside the town, so you have to leave town for it. When you go through the path, you will be taken to gorgeous hills and lush greeneries facing the valley. Gunung Lebah Temple is the starting point and there is a ridge that will take you to the path. If you want to have a more challenging and adventurous experience, go off the path and set off on your own. But if you want to enjoy a nice and relaxed walk, just follow the path. It will take you to areas around Ubud that is less developed and still traditional.

Campuhan Ridge Walk
Vibes on Campuhan Ridge Walk (source: Instagram)

Museum Explorations

As it was mentioned before, Ubud is home to many unique, artistic, and beautiful museums. There are museums for everything. For instance, Museum Pura Lukisan is for modern art. Set up by Walter Spies, Rudolf Bonnet, and one of Ubud’s Royal Family members, Cokorda Gede Agung Sukawati, the museum displays a wide array of art work with English language explanation. Not only you can learn about modern art and art in general, but you will also marvel the construction of the museum.

Another option is to visit Neka Art Museum where you can find collections of ancient and also modern pieces. The purpose is to display the history of Balinese art while focusing on the local talents. Expect to find collections of metalwork, textiles, jewelry, and paintings.

Of course, there are more museums to explore, such as Blanco Renaissance Museum, ARMA (Agung Rai Museum of Art), and much more. Simply do your research and plan your visit to each one of the museums.

Agung Rai Museum
Display on Agung Rai Museum Ubud (source: Instagram)

Pura Taman Saraswati

When compared to other temples, this one is pretty small, but it is beautiful and artistic. The temple is built to honor Dewi Sarasvati, the Hindu goddess of art and wisdom. It shouldn’t be a surprise if you find the goddess carvings on the entire construction of the building, including the fountain located on the front side. The temple has a pond area covered in lotus. It is the custom to drink or bathe the water – believed to harness the goddess’ powers. Sometimes, they will hold a dance performance during the day and the evening. However, the evening dance performance has its own magic and appeal.

Things to do in Ubud
Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud (source: Shutterstock)

Monkey Forest

Have you ever been to Ubud monkey forest? This is one of the major appeals of Ubud so it would be a shame to miss it. The monkey forest was originally a series of 3 temples built in the 14th century. They are located in a nature reserve that had been changed into a conservation area. Today, the monkeys dominate the area. The locals believe that monkeys are the spiritual animals protecting and guarding the temples. When you visit the forest, be sure to secure your items. These monkeys are known to snatch things like sunglasses.

Mongkey Forest Ubud
Mongkey Forest Ubud (source: shutterstock)

Ubud Market

Looking for a great place to do your shopping? Go to Ubud Market selling different items. If you go in the morning, you will find fresh veggies and fruits. If you go in the afternoon, you will find craft and art pieces – great for souvenirs.

Ubud Accommodation

Finding accommodation in Ubud is pretty easy because you can find different types of them in the area. But you can also find exclusive and luxurious Ubud accommodation serving the best service and also privacy. Hanging Gardens Ubud is one example of luxury accommodation in Ubud. It is basically a villa resort that is located on the northern area of Ayung River Valley. Thanks to its location, you will be pampered by the natural and amazing view. The resort covers an area of 3.2 hectares of land, surrounded by the forested valley.

Hanging Garden Ubud
Tranquil vibes at Hanging Garden Ubud (source: hanginggardensofbali)

There are some unique things about the resort. First of all, the resort follows the 45-degrees angle so it is completely different. Second, each villa has its own pool to boost privacy and comfort. And there is two infinity pools coming in a double-tiered design that becomes the centerpiece of the resort. With the double-tier infinity pool and your own private pool, it is such a heaven, right? The place is quite remote and far from Ubud, but it is the perfect option when you want to escape the crowd and noise.

Bisma Eight is another alternative of luxury accommodation located in the heart of Ubud. The place has 38 suites combining traditional Balinese artistic craftsmanship and modern design. Is it cozy? Definitely!

Bisma Eight Ubud
Simple Design at Bisma Eight Ubud (source: bisma-eight)

Another option is Sankara Villas and Suite that is set and designed as a lavish and natural tropical garden. This place is relatively close to Ubud Center – only 10 minutes. The combination of great service, excellent facilities, and great hideaway is the major reason why the villa is liked. It has spa, gym, riverside jetty, and also infinity pool.

Ubud still offers many places to visit and explore. You only need to do your research and plan ahead so you won’t waste your travel to Ubud.

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