Ubud, Everything You Should Know Before Visiting

The Voyage Bali – Although Ubud is located in Bali, there is a certain vibe about the place that differentiates it from other spots like Seminyak or Kuta. You can tell that there is something elegant about the place. Ubud has been known for its cultural aspect where you can find museums, temples, and art galleries to explore. Unlike other areas that have been dominated by modernity, you can still find traditional elements about Ubud. You can easily find rice field and green views in many places. There are many natural paths and walks, allowing you further and more intimate exploration on your own. Want to go to sacred bathing spot of Tirta Empul or other temples? Be ready for your exploration!

Things to Do in Ubud

There are actually many things to do in Ubud. If you are into history, art, and culture, there are many museums to visit and explore. Art galleries are also available and easy to reach. If you like to try different kinds of foods, there are also many restaurants to visit. They are coming in different ranges – high ends to traditional establishments. You will never lack of interesting things when exploring Ubud, for sure.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk is one of the most popular spots in Ubud, mostly known and popular for its natural (breathtaking) view. The place itself isn’t situated inside the town, so you have to leave town for it. When you go through the path, you will be taken to gorgeous hills and lush greeneries facing the valley. Gunung Lebah Temple is the starting point and there is a ridge that will take you to the path. If you want to have a more challenging and adventurous experience, go off the path and set off on your own. But if you want to enjoy a nice and relaxed walk, just follow the path. It will take you to areas around Ubud that is less developed and still traditional.

Campuhan Ridge Walk
Vibes on Campuhan Ridge Walk (source: Instagram)

Museum Explorations

As it was mentioned before, Ubud is home to many unique, artistic, and beautiful museums. There are museums for everything. For instance, Museum Pura Lukisan is for modern art. Set up by Walter Spies, Rudolf Bonnet, and one of Ubud’s Royal Family members, Cokorda Gede Agung Sukawati, the museum displays a wide array of art work with English language explanation. Not only you can learn about modern art and art in general, but you will also marvel the construction of the museum.

Another option is to visit Neka Art Museum where you can find collections of ancient and also modern pieces. The purpose is to display the history of Balinese art while focusing on the local talents. Expect to find collections of metalwork, textiles, jewelry, and paintings.

Of course, there are more museums to explore, such as Blanco Renaissance Museum, ARMA (Agung Rai Museum of Art), and much more. Simply do your research and plan your visit to each one of the museums.

Agung Rai Museum
Display on Agung Rai Museum Ubud (source: Instagram)

Pura Taman Saraswati

When compared to other temples, this one is pretty small, but it is beautiful and artistic. The temple is built to honor Dewi Sarasvati, the Hindu goddess of art and wisdom. It shouldn’t be a surprise if you find the goddess carvings on the entire construction of the building, including the fountain located on the front side. The temple has a pond area covered in lotus. It is the custom to drink or bathe the water – believed to harness the goddess’ powers. Sometimes, they will hold a dance performance during the day and the evening. However, the evening dance performance has its own magic and appeal.

Things to do in Ubud
Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud (source: Shutterstock)

Monkey Forest

Have you ever been to Ubud monkey forest? This is one of the major appeals of Ubud so it would be a shame to miss it. The monkey forest was originally a series of 3 temples built in the 14th century. They are located in a nature reserve that had been changed into a conservation area. Today, the monkeys dominate the area. The locals believe that monkeys are the spiritual animals protecting and guarding the temples. When you visit the forest, be sure to secure your items. These monkeys are known to snatch things like sunglasses.

Mongkey Forest Ubud
Mongkey Forest Ubud (source: shutterstock)

Ubud Market

Looking for a great place to do your shopping? Go to Ubud Market selling different items. If you go in the morning, you will find fresh veggies and fruits. If you go in the afternoon, you will find craft and art pieces – great for souvenirs.

Ubud Accommodation

Finding accommodation in Ubud is pretty easy because you can find different types of them in the area. But you can also find exclusive and luxurious Ubud accommodation serving the best service and also privacy. Hanging Gardens Ubud is one example of luxury accommodation in Ubud. It is basically a villa resort that is located on the northern area of Ayung River Valley. Thanks to its location, you will be pampered by the natural and amazing view. The resort covers an area of 3.2 hectares of land, surrounded by the forested valley.

Hanging Garden Ubud
Tranquil vibes at Hanging Garden Ubud (source: hanginggardensofbali)

There are some unique things about the resort. First of all, the resort follows the 45-degrees angle so it is completely different. Second, each villa has its own pool to boost privacy and comfort. And there is two infinity pools coming in a double-tiered design that becomes the centerpiece of the resort. With the double-tier infinity pool and your own private pool, it is such a heaven, right? The place is quite remote and far from Ubud, but it is the perfect option when you want to escape the crowd and noise.

Bisma Eight is another alternative of luxury accommodation located in the heart of Ubud. The place has 38 suites combining traditional Balinese artistic craftsmanship and modern design. Is it cozy? Definitely!

Bisma Eight Ubud
Simple Design at Bisma Eight Ubud (source: bisma-eight)

Another option is Sankara Villas and Suite that is set and designed as a lavish and natural tropical garden. This place is relatively close to Ubud Center – only 10 minutes. The combination of great service, excellent facilities, and great hideaway is the major reason why the villa is liked. It has spa, gym, riverside jetty, and also infinity pool.

Ubud still offers many places to visit and explore. You only need to do your research and plan ahead so you won’t waste your travel to Ubud.

Incredible Things to do and Place to Stay in Uluwatu

The Voyage Bali – Uluwatu is situated in Bukit Peninsula of Bali. The name actually originates from Uluwatu Temple, located in cliff-top where you can enjoy the amazing sunset view. It is also the place to hold Kecak Dance, the traditional Balinese’ fire dance. The region is known for its limestone hills where luxury resorts and villas can be found. One of the best things about this region is the fact that it faces Indian Ocean – so the view isn’t only amazing but also natural.

The coastline is filled with surf breaks and hidden beaches – perfect for those who want to enjoy beach atmosphere without being disturbed by the noise and crowds. The area is also popular for Pecatu among golfers. Pecatu is a premier and premium golf course with its scenic greens overlooking Balangan Beach. Basically, Uluwatu is quiet and peaceful but it doesn’t lack any appeals and charms of its own.

Bingin Beach

Among the popular places that tourists often visit is Bingin Beach. It is known as the surfer’s heavens with its challenging waves. The waves aren’t the only things that tourists are interested in because they can expect other things while coming to this beach.

You can find this beach on the western coastline of Uluwatu’s Bukit Peninsula. If you are coming from Canggu, Seminyak, or Kuta, it takes 60 to 90 hours to reach the beach. The easiest way to reach this place is to rent a scooter. With only IDR 50,000 a day, you can explore the areas without tiring yourself.

As it was mentioned before, Bingin Beach is popular for its surfing activity. If you don’t have any surfboard, you can rent one for IDR 50,000 for 2 hours. Want to get a surfing lesson? You also come to the right place. If surfing isn’t your thing, you can always have your own culinary exploration. Feel free to come to Kelly’s Warung to enjoy Indonesian cuisine, burgers, wraps, toasted sandwiches, or smoothie bowls while enjoying the surfing actions. There is also Lucky Fish if you prefer BBQ seafood serving while enjoying sunset. On some occasions, you can also enjoy live music.

Bingin Beach
Beautiful Green View at Bingin Beach (source: Instagram)

Sundays Beach Club

Another favorite spot in Bukit Peninsula is Sundays Beach Club, which is a part of Ungasan Cliff-top Resort. If you want to find a serene retreat place with beautiful quiet sandy beach and a place where you can swim safely, this should be in your go-to list. If you want to spend the day on quiet and clean beach and enjoy various beach (and fun) activities, they have it all. Expect things like kite flying, snorkeling, beach volleyball, or sea kayaking among the fun activities. Want to spend the days lounging under the wide parasol? Feel free to do it too!

The cool thing about the place is the private access – only accessible by the resort’s guests. Funicular access is the only way to get to beach club. When you go into the resort’s main lobby and pool, you will find some steps that will lead you downward to the beach club. The atmosphere is cool and relaxing – and it is also peaceful. The foods are also great with various options. When you get to this place, you won’t only get the best service but also a laid-back vibe. This is definitely a great place for families because there are activities for everyone. This is one of the Best Bali Beach Club

Sunday Beach Club
Cliff and Sea view in the Sunday Beach Club Uluwatu (source: sundaybeachclub)

What to Do in Uluwatu?

Besides going to the places described above, there are plenty of activities that you can do in Uluwatu. For instance, you can always explore the beaches. While some of them are perfect for surfing, the others are great for swimming. If you aren’t interested in these water activities, you can spend the days marveling the view and soaking in the soothing breeze. Looking at the crystal blue water is calming and somewhat therapeutic. Feel free to come to Thomas Beach, Bingin Beach, or Padang Padang. You can also explore and find some of the hidden beaches, if you are feeling adventurous.

Enjoying spa treatment is also one of the best options when coming to Uluwatu. You can always get the service from the hotel that you are staying in, but there are also some places around Uluwatu that provides such an exclusive service. If you want to explore further to other areas of Bali, you may even find a more affordable service.

Culinary exploration is another alternative to enjoy your stay while in Uluwatu. You can explore the options provided by your hotel, but you can also roam around and find other establishments. There are many cafes in Uluwatu – you can enjoy tasty and hearty breakfast in the morning and then laid-back while watching the sunset in the afternoon. Cafes and bar hopping is quite popular in this area – provided that you have the budgets.

Where to Stay?

It is safe to say that finding Uluwatu accommodation is super easy. You will never short of places to spend a night. For instance, if you want to enjoy surfing every day, stay close to Bingin Beach. There are plenty of places to stay, such as Canang Sari Villas with its 4-star rating. The accommodation comes in the form of villas with 2 or 3 bedrooms along with its own kitchen, indoor and outdoor bathrooms, private swimming pool, free WiFi, gorgeous gardens, and breathtaking view facing the ocean. The place is also close to shops, cafes, and beaches – perfect for couples, solo travelers, and families. Squash court and spa are some of the facilities available at the villa.

Canang Sari Villa Pecatu
Canang Sari Villa Pecatu (source: canangsaribali)

Another option is Hideaway Villas with its 4-star rating and peaceful atmosphere. The villa has its own kitchenette and private balcony. Expect AC rooms, modern design, and complete facilities. If you are looking for a more romantic vibe, go to Suarga Padang Padang. It is an exclusive boutique resort having 36 villas, rooms, and pavilions. Each room has its own traditional look with a modern touch. As a result, you can enjoy breathtaking atmosphere and superb service.

Hideaway Villa Uluwatu
Top Rated Villa in Uluwatu (source: hideawayvillasbali)

There are still many other interesting things to do in Uluwatu as well as many places to stay. Make sure that you have done a thorough research about Uluwatu to get the best out of the place.

Nusa Penida, Excitement and Fun Things to Do

The Voyage Bali – Do you know that Nusa Penida is a smaller island that is located not far from Bali as the main island? Most travelers only know Bali as a single tourist destination but you can actually explore further to the smaller islands. You see, there are trio islands that are separated from Bali and each of them has its own unique and signature styles. A lot of travelers also love exploring Nusa Penida for its exotic and unique characteristics. So, what should you know about this island, anyway?

About Nusa Penida

Remember about those trio islands off from Bali? They are Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan, and Nusa Lembongan. Among the three, Nusa Penida Bali is the biggest. Reaching the island is quite easy. If you are staying in Bali, go to Sanur which is the eastern part of Bali. You can find ferry there and it is going to take you across. If you have more time, spend around 3 to 4 days there – you won’t regret it at all. A lot of people make mistakes by coming to the island for a shorter hour – and they immediately regret it because they want to explore more!

If you decide to stay in Bali but you want to go back and forth to Nusa Penida, be my guest. It is easy to find a guided trip to the island – it is also possible to do it alone without the guide. Even with a guide, a whole day tour trip costs you only $65 and it includes the guide, boat transfer, lunch, and hotel drop off and pick up. A trip across Bali to Nusa Penida can take an hour, so be ready with your comfort amenities is you want to make it.

The roads in the island are pretty good because of the increasing numbers of tourists – and also the increased popularity of the island. Expect the traffic to increase although it won’t be as packed and jammed as in Bali. A motorbike is a popular option to explore the island without hurting your wallet. You can rent a motorbike for around IDR 70,000 a day – already with the gas tank full. If you are going to rent it for a week (or longer), you can negotiate it with the provider. They generally are willing to reduce the cost.

Where to Stay

No need to worry about your accommodation while in Nusa Penida. As one of the most popular destinations, besides Bali, the island has several great lodging options. For instance, there is Semabu Hills Resort, which is one of the most luxurious and exclusive lodging in the island. The resort has its own infinity pool facing the ocean – perfect to relax after a whole day exploring the island. The room is luxurious and exclusive – you can pick the size whether you are going as a solo traveler, honeymooners, or with families. The facilities are complete, so you can really enjoy your stay to the greatest and highest extent.

Another option for Nusa Penida accommodation is Ananta Bungalow with its amazing location. It is situated next to Crystal Bay, a popular sunset spot in Nusa Penida. It is also a popular place for snorkeling trips and Manta Ray exploration. Another amazing thing about Ananta Bungalow is the nice vibe – combining modern amenities and island life. No need to worry, the place has AC and WiFi – and you are free to choose what kind of bungalow to stay in.

Ananta Bungalow Nusa Penida
Well-known Accommodation in Nusa Penida, Ananta Bungalow (source: booking)

If you are rather low on the budget, go to Hostel Nusa Penida. It is close to the main spots like hikes, beaches, and attractions. The place is modern with friendly staff. It also offers free WiFi and the rate won’t hurt your wallet either.

Things to Do at the Island

You are basically free to roam the island – whether for diving or snorkeling or to explore the waterfalls and caves. Going to Nusa Penida will give you another insight and experience – it is completely different from the ones you have in Bali.

Pura Goa Giri Putri is a perfect spot to explore if you want to do a bit hiking. The cave is accessible by a winding and steep staircase. Be advised to rent a sarong first before hiking up and be prepared to meet some wild monkeys. You will have to crawl first before you are finally inside the cave. There is an eerie atmosphere with a mix of peaceful feel (mostly from the prayers). If you don’t mind these things, then it should be in your must-visit list.

Another option is to go to Peguyangan Waterfall with its signature style. To reach the area, you will have to go up and down the stairs (they are blue) so it is already a challenge. Then there is the coastal cliff view that is breathtaking and amazing. And then there is the waterfall and sacred temple – all in one spot! Not only the rituals are amazing (it is unique in its own way), but the arrangement of the temple and the natural rock pools are just amazing. You have to experience it on your own to feel the sensation –  no words can describe it.

Did I mention that Nusa Penida is popular for its beach? I did, didn’t I? Well, Atuh Beach is one of the most interesting and popular beaches in the island. It is a white sandy beach that is circled by amazing rock formation and tall (and huge) cliffs. You should be able to see an arch stands tall on the shore – with some islets are visible from the distance.

Of course, those places aren’t the only thing you can find in the island. There are Seganing Falls, the T-Rex Kelingking Beach, Manta Bay, Crystal Bay, Toyapakeh, Angel’s Billabong, Broken Beach, and so much more. There are things for everything – whether you are into sunbathing and beach exploration, hiking, or diving.

Angel Billabong Nusa Penida
Angel Billabong Beach at Nusa Penida (source: Shutterstock)

If you are going to Bali, consider about spending some days at Nusa Penida – it is worth it. Don’t forget to make plans and arrangements by making advanced booking. Spending your holiday in Nusa Penida is going to give you a memorable experience you won’t forget.

Gili Islands, Everything You Need to Know About Gili Islands

The Voyage Bali – In the event that you have set your travel destination to Bali, it doesn’t hurt to wander further to Gili Islands. They are a group of small islands (three, to be exact) on Lombok’s north western shore. The islands comprises of Gili Air, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Meno. Each of them can be visited and explored – and you can also marvel the surrounding beauty with the crystal-clear blue waters and exotic vibes. Not to mention that each island has its own signature style that differentiates them from one another.

About Gili Islands

Gili Trawangan is the most popular place – combining partying spots and quiet beaches. Gili Air is like Gili Trawangan, but smaller. Gili Meno offers a quieter vibe and a more peaceful setting with its barren beaches – perfect for those who want to avoid crowd and busy life.

Moving from one island to another is pretty easy because there is a public boat to accommodate your needs. In general, a boat from Lombok to Gili Trawangan costs you only IDR 15,000 while a boat trip between the Gilis can cost you around IDR 25,000. Of course, you can also have a chartered boat service that is going to cost you more. But rest assured that transportation between these islands is easy and accessible.

Gili Islands
Beautiful Gili Islands (source: Instagram)

Gili Trawangan

Among the 3 Gili Islands, this one is the most visited because it is the biggest. Travelers know it as the Party Island because of the hustle and bustle. It was originally known as backpackers’ destinations but it has undergone drastic changes as the popular travelers’ destinations. Finding luxury hotels is easy now – although the choices for accommodation range from the low to the high class. If you want to dive, this is your to-go spot. There are many diving operators that can help you with this activity.

The peak season in Gili Trawangan is from July to September so if you want to visit the island, make sure to make reservations and bookings. Nightlife is also a trend here. There are party last all night long.

Gili Trawangan Beach
Morning View at Trawangan Beach (source: bali-indonesia)

Gili Air

If you see the geography, Gili Air is actually the closest island to Lombok. However, the vibe is different and unique. It has the mixture of Gili Trawangan’s bustle and Gili Meno’s serenity. If you don’t really like the idea of joining the crowds and you prefer enjoying the local culture, then Gili Air is your best option. When you are on the island, you will feel that life is slow and relaxing, but then again, you still have tons of choices when it comes to having fun. There are surfing and snorkeling. At night, there is live music. Socializing is somewhat more fun too! Is it an ideal place for families? Yes, it is! What about solo travelers and backpackers? This island is perfect for everyone!

Gili Air Swing
Swing at Gili Air (source: Instagram)

Gili Meno

This island is probably the quietest and the smallest, but if you are looking for true and authentic tropical getaway, this is your go to spot. Gili Meno is located right between Gili Air and Gili Trawangan and it has the most gorgeous beaches with laid-back and relaxed vibe. In fact, the laid-back atmosphere is one of the charms of this island. The island is perfect for honeymooners as well as those who want to stay away from the crowds and noise.

For now, the only available accommodation is coming in the form of beachside bungalows and small hotels while the more luxurious and exclusive ones are being developed slowly. But that’s the appeal of it! Even with the small beachside bungalows, everything feels homey, cozy, friendly, and more intimate. Finding something to eat is easy. You can also visit turtle and bird sanctuary as well as going snorkeling or diving.

Gili Meno
Gili Meno Beach (source: Instagram)

Gili Islands Accommodation

You won’t find any short of Gili Islands accommodation because there are so many different lodgings and accommodations available there. Don’t worry; it won’t be like being stranded in the middle of nowhere. In fact, you can expect luxurious and exclusive accommodations when doing the island hopping. For a starter, when you come to Gili Air, you can spend a night at Samata Village with its greenery and breeze surroundings. The place has free WiFi, AC rooms, outdoor pool, and also a sun deck for your sunbathing needs. From this spot, Gili Meno is only 3.3 kilometers away while Lombok International Airport is almost 50 kilometers away. This place has a relaxing and romantic vibes – perfect for honeymooners.

Another option for Gili Islands accommodation is Marc Hotel located in Gili Trawangan. It is only 100 meters away from Gili Trawangan Harbor. It is also right next to the Art Market and only 8 minutes away from Turtle Conservation on foot. The rooms are all exclusive with AC and LED TV. You can even decide whether you want to have hard, medium, or soft mattress. Besides the outdoor pool, the hotel also offers bike rental service because the area is pretty popular for cycling. If you want to go to Sunset Point, it is only 1.7 kilometers away. If you need it, the place also offers airport shuttle. Really, spending your nights here seems to be more fun and enjoyable.

Marc Hotel Gili Trawangan
Minimalist Room at Marc Hotel Gili Trawangan (source: Tripadvisor)

If you visit Gili Meno, Seri Resort would be the best option. Right situated on the amazing white sandy beach, you will be pampered with amazing view and homey atmosphere. The property is equipped with free WiFi and outdoor pool – among a few. It takes only 15 minutes by boat to reach this island from Gili Trawangan. From Padang Bai Harbour, it takes 1.5 hours. It takes 20 minutes by boat to Lombok Praya Airport. The place comes in a form of cozy bungalow – you can freely choose whether you want to have garden or sea view from your terrace.

There are still more options for your accommodations, such as A Villa at Gili Air or Kuno Villas at Gili Trawangan. You only need to choose which one you like the most and then make reservations. Visiting Gili Islands for your travel destinations is truly worth it!

Thing to do in Ubud, Place to visit before you go

The Voyage Bali – Do you have the desire to vacation in Ubud? If you want to visit Ubud or take a vacation, you must know the thing you must do while there. This is because there are so many tourist attractions in Ubud and you will be confused when you don’t write a list of activities that you want to do. By making a list of activities, you can easily go to the tourist places you want to go in there. Here are thing to do in Ubud, you have to know.

A Vacation to Tegallalang Terraced Rice Fields

Yeah, Ubud is known as a tourist spot in Bali to see Rice Field. This tourist attraction is very popular and well-known by local and foreign tourists. The location of this tourist attraction is also close to the Kintamani tourist attractions so that tourists can go to the Kintamani tourist attractions after taking photos at this place. Near Tegallalang Rice Terrace, you will find a cafe that you can go to and enjoy the rice field view.

Tegallalang Rice Terrace
Wonderful view at Tegallalang Rice Terrace Ubud (source: Shutterstock)

Tour to Monkey Forest Ubud

Maybe you often hear this tourist spot. This tourist spot is very famous in Ubud, Bali. Many tours and travel ticket providers provide this tour package in their destination list. Besides being able to see monkeys in this forest, you can also see protected forests that are still very beautiful and protected. You will find a variety of unforgettable experiences when visiting this forest.

Mongkey Forest Ubud
Mongkey Forest Ubud (source: shutterstock)

Riding a Bicycle on the Edge of a Rice Field

This activity does sound ordinary. However, what if you do these activities with a view that is very cool and amazing? Bike riding activities in Ubud are very popular with both local and foreign tourists and you have to enter this activity as thing to do in Ubud. The high interest in bicycle riding tours in the rice fields of Ubud, making services or operators who initially provided facilities for white water rafting in Bali, should add the services of other operators.

Riding a bicycle at campuhan
Riding a bicycle at campuhan ridge (source: goto-travelbali)

Shopping at Ubud Art Market

When you visit Ubud, you have to buy one or several souvenirs in Ubud. One of the well-known places is the Ubud Art Market. You will find various art and traditional items made by the Ubud community such as woven bags and so on.

Ride an Elephant on Taro Ubud

One of the thing to do in Ubud is to ride an elephant in the village of Taro Ubud. The price of doing this activity is very expensive. However, you can try it to get an unforgettable experience. Although the price for this activity is quite expensive, you get very comfortable facilities such as neatly arranged gardens, shady gardens, fat elephants, tame, and not smelled, so you can eat as much buffet as you like.


Everything You Need to Know About Things to do in Canggu Bali

The Voyage Bali – Canggu Bali is an amazing little town. it’s a popular place to visit among travelers, surfers and clout chasers. The town is hidden behind the bigger and busier cities in Kuta and Seminyak, which are also very popular cities for tourists. Canggu is a perfect town for backpackers. The town is very laid-back and relaxing, surrounded by lush green rice fields and countless hip and chick cafes, great restaurants, yoga studios and full of inspirations.

Accomodation in Canggu Bali

It’s honestly not difficult to get an accommodation is Canggu Bali. It won’t take you much time to find one Canggu accommodation. But since there are hundreds of those, you might get confused on which one to pick. There are three major areas in Canggu. These areas are the perfect balance of strategic location and affordable price.

Batu Bolong is the main area with all the major shops, bars and restaurants available in the location. This area is good for people who want to walk to go somewhere. The best places to go are within walking distance. Berawa is new and getting more and more popular. There are a lot of fantastic restaurants and shops that are newly opened in the area. Since it’s relatively new, the area isn’t crowded like the rest and you will encounter the locals and interact with them more often. Pererenan has the best beach compared to the other two. Also close to the rice fields, the area feels very peaceful and refreshing. The only downside is that, you’d need to drive for 5-10 minutes to go to all the hip and chick restaurants.

That being said, here some of the best places to stay in Canggu Bali.

Eastin Ashta Resort Canggu. Located only 200 meters away from the famous surfer’s beach in Canggu. Enjoy your time in Canggu and surf to your heart’s content. Go back and forth between the hotel and the beach within walking distance. The resort has a total 119 rooms and suites with sizes ranging from 37 – 60 sqm. The overall design is very crowdy, with a mix of casual, business and creative. You can feel the contemporary Balinese influences throughout the interiors. All rooms are provided with free Wi-Fi and in-room deluxe amenities. You can also use their signature facilities, such as: restaurant, gym, large swimming pool, library and a small function room. There are three options you can choose; superior, deluxe and executive room.

Eastin Ashta Resort Canggu
Room at Eastin Ashta Resort Canggu (source: Tripadvisor)

Theanna Eco Villa and Spa. A great hotel for people who prefer to relax more in Canggu Bali. Located in serene Canggu, the villa is about 35 minutes away from the busy Kuta. The atmosphere in the area around the villa is much quieter and more peaceful. Beautiful beaches, romantic sunset and calming terrace right at your doorstep. The villa management believe that paying high respect to nature and local community culture is the best way to do their business. The overall design is gorgeous, combining the best of Balinese and Japanese architecture. It’s not often to see this kind of design. The villas are located within walking distance from the best beaches, restaurants and cafes.

Theanna Eco Village and Spa Canggu
Theanna Eco Village and Spa Canggu (source: Agoda)

The Kirana Canggu Hotel. There is something about this hotel that is very calming. It’s probably because of the design. The design gives laid-back vibe that is progressive yet still shows the cultural roots and a way of life that remind us of easier and simpler times.

The Kirana Canggu Hotel
Simple but Modern Style Room at The Kirana Canggu Hotel (source: Agoda)

Things to Do in Canggu Bali

Canggu is popular for many reasons. There are so many things to do, including enjoying the local life and culture. But, for this section we have two suggestions for you.

First, is the The Lawn Canggu Bali. It’s a great place to enjoy the most delicious food and enjoy the relaxing beach. There many places in Canggu to get great food. Especially if this is your first-time visiting Bali, you might get overwhelmed by the choice you got. The Lawn is a good starting place to try all kind of Balinese food in one place.

Dog Friendly Restaurant in Bali
The Lawn Canggu also friendly for dog owner with supervision (source: Instagram)

The place has a warm atmosphere to it. The place also gives out the romantic vibes. There two spots you can choose here. First is indoor and second is outdoor. With indoor, the whole design is minimalist. The rooms are filled with all kind of decorations and ornaments and each decor has its own meaning. They also have unique lanterns. These lanterns are created from branches and shaped like a bird cage. The rooms look a bit dim and give out that romantic feeling.

Outdoor on the other hand, is also a very interesting place in The Lawn. Here, you can see how beautiful the beach in. There are two ways to sit on the beach, on a wooden chair or table, or on the floor on top of the sitting pillow, complete with a low table for your food. One more thing before you visit, during nighttime they have a dress code, you’re not allowed to wear a singlet or shirts with any alcohol brands on it.

Second is La Laguna Bali. you can treat it like a beach-side cafe. Surrounded with landscaped fields, you can sit anywhere you want. There are VIP rooms with very unique designs. They provided many great spots for guests to take pictures with the beach on the background. The best way to describe this place is that it’s photogenic and instagrammable. It’d be better for you to visit the place before sundown, so you can explore the place and take as many pictures as you want. The menu is a not that long, you can try their soups, salad and sandwiches. They also have desserts, to freshen your mind.

La laguna Bali
Garden Concept at La Laguna Bali (source: Instagram)

These two places are great to try all the Canggu local food. The best things to remember are to immerse yourself with nature and local culture, and always respect nature and the locals. With that, your time in Canggu Bali will be the best memories for the rest of your life.

4 Very Affordable Bali Villas Where You Can Immerse Yourself

The Voyage Bali – Are you planning to spend your time in Bali villas? Then you’re in for a treat. We’re going to inform you some villas in Bali that are very affordable and still offer you the best services and experience in Bali that you wont regret. It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling for a honeymoon, business meeting or travel, traveling alone or with the entire family, Bali is a great place for everyone and staying in a villa will enhance your travel.

There are so many impressive Bali villas that you can choose, we’ll narrow it down for you to villas that are not only affordable but at least has a 4-star status. So, your trip will be fun, guaranteed.

Villa Lisha

For people who want are looking for space more than anything else from a villa, Villa Lisha might be one of the best Bali villas Seminyak you can get. It’s spacious, luxury and self-indulgence, the villa will make you forget of all your troubles and immerse yourself in the comfort of four-star villa. The décors in the villa is gorgeous, complete with sun terrace, lush tropical garden and generous living space.

The spacious rooms are possible thanks to the design. The walls are full of gaps and opening. Adored with beautiful glass walls and wooden ornaments. There are many rooms without door as well. The building feels like one giant room that seamlessly connects to the outdoor scenery.  The villa comes with two bedrooms. Just when you think one is enough, they give you two.

Villa Lisha is really trying their best to spoil their guests. They have a very high standard regarding their services. They will ensure that you get all of their luxurious and romantic vibes. The environment will enhance your stay at the villa and all the staff, from driver to cook and room staff will be ready at all time to help you. The villa is only five minutes away from all the beaches, restaurants, shops and many more in Seminyak.

Despite all of these perks and features you can get, you’ll only have to spend from $95. That’s a steal for the experience you’ll get.

Villa Lisha Bali
Modern design at Villa Lisha Bali (source: Agoda)

Danoya Villa

Danoya Villa is a very romantic Bali villa. Perfectly designed for couples who don’t want to be apart from their loved ones. You can spend your time going on the best date of your life in the conform of your private building.

Inspired by a blend of Mediterranean and Balinese style, the villa looks really refreshing and unique. This tropical villa feels very welcoming with relaxing open concept architecture on the inside. Now you can spend the whole day looking at your partner.

All the features in the building are within reach. Personal indoor pool looks very comfortable and definitely feels comfortable too. Decorated with candles, patio and some greens, you’ll feel like being outdoor with 100% privacy. It’s also fully air conditioned.

Overall, the villa is designed to be enjoyed completely indoor. The villa is big but you won’t feel separated from your partner for a single second while you’re there. Sit back and relax in the roomy space, take advantage of the 24-hour facilities and semi-butler service.

If you do want to go outside, Danoya is located at a very strategic part of Seminyak. The Main Batu Belig road is just a minute away, you only need to walk to go to the best restaurants in the area. The rate is very affordable, starting from only $67.

Danoya Villa
Romantic Setup at Danoya Villa Bali (source: Agoda)

Kubal Villa

Another romantic villa Seminyak. Kubal Villa ensures that your honeymoon will leave a ever-lasting memory for the rest of your life. This is a great a place to get lost just the two of you. They will make sure that you and your partner are spoiled, thanks to the gorgeous lush garden, alluring pool, sun terrace and bamboo walls.

Kubal Villa is a place that will make you feel peaceful. The time that you spend there will feel like eternity. Everything inside the villa is very beautifully designed. You can choose between one, two and four-bedroom villas, including the level of luxury. No matter which one you choose, you’ll get the full experience in the villa. A real sanctuary for couples.

The villa is closely connected to the outside world. You’ll be surprised at how different it is between the inside of the villa and the outdoors. If you’re feeling like you want to relax and stay cozy, you can stay indoor and go outside anytime you want when you feel like jumping back into the real world. Kubal Villa is located right in the center of Seminyak. It takes only 1 minute of walking and you can already enjoy the stunning Seminyak beach. Beside the beach there are other popular attractions such as Woobad and Potato Head Beach Club which can also be accessed by mere minutes of walking.

Kubal Villa Seminyak
Kubal Villa Seminyak (source: Agoda)

Villa Segara Legian

This villa is like a big oasis from the busy city life and the best thing is, it’s your private tropical oasis in the heart Legian. No doubt this villa is one of the best Bali accommodation Legian that you can find. Entering the property, you’ll be greeted by a lush tropical garden surrounded by 7 meters pool, a timber deck with sun-lounges and an outdoor shower. Downstairs, there is an open plan lounge and dining area, fully functioning kitchen, 1 bedroom with a king-sized bed and en-suite, and the other 2 bedrooms are equipped with queen-sized beds and a shared bathroom. Also, all bedrooms are air-conditioned and have a TV and DVD player.

This place is definitely a luxury in Bali. It’s located on the popular Jalan Padma Utara. The area is filled with cafes, restaurants and bars, all on your doorstep. The facilities and services here are world class. But don’t worry about the price, starting from $173 you can enjoy the impressive villa to your heart’s content. You can’t go wrong with Villa Segara Legian, no doubt one of the best Bali villas in the whole island.

Affordable Bali Villas
Affordable Bali Villas at Legian (source: villasegaralegian)

8 Famous and Exciting Bali Bars With Delicious Cocktail

The Voyage Bali – There are many things you can do in Bali, and one of them is having fun in Bali bars. You can enjoy the wondrous nature that Bali offers. From beaches, waterfalls, and lakes, you can enjoy all of them without breaking the bank. Now, it’s time to enjoy your time in Bali with other people. Bar is a great place to see the look of people’s faces in Bali. foreigners, locals, men and women, bar is a great place to hang around.

Here, we have for you a list of great and unique bars to spend your time and relax in Bali. Great places to have a conversation and possibly make new lifelong friends.

Bamboo Beach Bar

Bamboo Beach Bar was designed by full blooded Balinese architect. Built complete from bamboo, looks very easy on the eyes and obviously environmentally friendly. To make you even more comfortably, there are many swing seats available. You can relax in these bamboo cradles, while sipping your favorite drinks. It feels like you’re a baby and might put you to sleep.

The overall design reminds me of a tree house, except that it’s much bigger than you typically see on someone’s backyard. The bar is very big once you get inside. Lots of areas to eat, drink and just explore. The bar has three floors, you can go to the back to enjoy the pool while enjoying the sunset. On the ground floor, there is a casually chic restaurant. The restaurant opens all day from 6.30 AM, you can get breakfast, lunch, dinner and happy hour. The bar is also located near the beach, you can take your conversation from the bar to the beach.

Bamboo Beach Bar
Bamboo Beach Bar Vibe in the Evening (source: pramahotel)

Rock Bar Bali

This awesome Rock Bar Bali is created by the genius Japanese designer Yasuhiro Koichi. It’s best to visit the bar during sunset. You enjoy your time there while witnessing the beautiful sunset on the ocean view. Gazing at the infinite horizon while enjoying your best drinks. Sebastien Bonnefoi will be the one preparing your best liquors, mixed with the best tropical fruits, local herbs and spices. Also, you’d have to reserve a spot beforehand, because the place is always busy.

Rock Bar Bali
Night view on Rock Bar Bali (source: Ayana)

Hard Rock Bali

Everyone knows Hard Rock Bali. it’s probably one of the most famous Bali bars. Great food, and live music center stage will blast you and make forget about all your worries. The bar is located in the popular tourist destination, Kuta. It’s also near the Beachwalk Shopping Center Kuta Square and the amazing Kuta Beach. This makes Hard Rock to be the best oasis, rest your legs here after you spend the whole day exploring Kuta. Don’t forget to check their legendary menu, full of local flavors like the legendary burger and other famous dishes in the world.

Hard Rock Cafe Bali
Bar at Hard Rock Cafe Bali (source: bali-indonesia)

Potato Head Beach Club

Potato Head Beach Club is designed like a Coliseum with its elliptical corridor. Complete with amphitheater filled with green grass facing the vast ocean. The pool on the beach side is cleverly designed, from the first glance, it’s as if the pool merges with the ocean. You can enjoy the sunset on the pool or on the second floor of the building. Immersive yourself in this amazing experience of a Bali bar.

Potato Head Beach Club
Sunset vibe at Potato Head Beach Club (source: Pinterest)

La Favela Bali

From the name you might guess that the bar is Brazillian-themed, well you’re not wrong. But the bar itself is more radical than that. La Favela Bali is a blend between modern and old-pirate building. From the outside the place looks modern, with greens literally all over the structure. From the inside, it looks like an old abandoned colonial building hidden in a middle of a thick jungle. The furniture looks old and antique, vines are everywhere and, on the corners, old scooters and Volkswagen add the feeling of being abandoned. There are so many items placed inside, take your time to look at all of them and you can take pictures too if you want. It’s really interesting to know the story and significant of each item.

La Favela Bali
Simple Design at La Favela Bali Bars (source: bali-indonesia)

Omnia Bali

Omnia Bali is truly the best example of Bali’s luxury lifestyle. Built on top of a magnificent cliffs of Uluwaut, this place is like a wonder of architectural world. 360-degree view deck and bar allow you to enjoy the stunning views of the island. Enjoy the typical Omnia’s signature 5-star service. Dance, drink and eat while being surrounded by ocean and sun 24/7.

Omnia Beach Club
Beautiful View in Omnia Beach Club (source: constructionplusasia)

Motel Mexicola

So, you love both Bali and Mexico? Then, Motel Mexicola is for you. It’s getting more and more popular in Bali. So many people are visiting here every single day. The main reason for this is because it’s uniquely design, definitely different from all bars. The place has a very tight security. There are so many restaurants inside, plus a shopping center.

The whole place gives the impression of being quirky and colorful. The walls are crowded with pictures, paintings and other kind of items. The food Is delicious and they have a very long list of menus. If you’re looking for a place to hang out, that is different and unique, give this place a chance.

Motel Mexicola
Unique Setup at Motel Mexicola (source: stylemnl)

La Plancha Bali

La Plancha Bali is the true definition of a sunset bar, complete with the vintage Balinese brollies and iconic beanbags. This Spanish beach bar and restaurant is very chill and laidback and most importantly unpretentious. A perfect place for people who just want to relax and lay back in a comfy bean bag and watch the sunset without too much noise. Despite being busy, it’s pretty easy to reserve a spot in this place. The staff members are polite and friendly, they will take you to your spot on the beach.

La Plancha Bali
Sunset at La Plancha Bali (source: Instagram)

Whichever place you choose to go to, always remember to have as much fun as possible and respect other people and nature. Drink responsibly and create beautiful memories that will remember for many years to come. It’s great to try as many Bali bars as possible, Bali is a big island with a lot of fun things to do.

5 Amazing Things to do in Ubud You Should Try Once

The Voyage Bali – When you are in Ubud you need a list of things that you will do or visit there because there are a lot things that you could do there. Start from walking to the rice fields, do electric cycling, seeing art museums, eating in the famous restaurant and many more. If you have difficulty in determining what things to do in Ubud, here are some list that you could do when you are in vacation near Ubud area.

Dine in at Lacavore

Lacavore is one of the most famous restaurants in Bali and Indonesia. Almost everyone knows this restaurant. It won a host of award. It is the kind of restaurant to come, if you are looking for a great fusion food. To get the best of your meal you could choose dishes paired with wine. Most of the dishes are fusion, so it clears that they mix local aspects with the foreign methods. Its famous dishes are smoked catfish and pork shoulder. Make sure to book in advance if you are planning to dine in here.

Lacavore Ubud
Simple and Modern Setup on Lacavore Restaurant Ubud (souce: bali-indonesia)
Lacavore Ubud Menu
Lacavore Ubud Signature Menu (source: thelostguides)

A walk in Campuhan Ridge Walk

The next things to do in Ubud that you can’t miss is walking in Campuhan Ridge. This one is suitable for you who want to go on about in Ubud. It is located outside of town. It offers a great local scenery where you could enjoy a great view of rice paddies. This walk will lead you to a lush area of magnificent hills that overlook an admirable valley and you could stroll around the ridge from starting point of Gunung Lebah temple.

Campuhan Ridge Walk
Vibes on Campuhan Ridge Walk (source: Instagram)

Cherishing the Museum Puri Lukisan

Ubud is well known for its art galleries on the island because Ubud is the cultural capital of Bali. If you want to visit museum in Bali, the best on of them is Museum Puri Lukisan. Here you will find a wide range of artwork on display which has English explanation in it. This museum is suitable for you guys who loves arts and dying to learn more about them. They also have a restaurant with delicious menu. You should try their signature duck menu. It’s really delicious.

Museum Puri Lukisan
Museum Puri Lukisan (source: Instagram)

Do white water rafting in Ubud

Other things to do in Ubud that you can’t miss is doing white water rafting. It will give you unforgettable experience because it is one of many challenging activities that you could do. There are a number of operators that manage rafting tours in Ayung river that you could call if you are interested. The trips are about 20 minutes out of Ubud and usually last for 2 till 3 hours.

White Water Rafting Ubud
Enjoy White Water Rafting Ubud with Friendly guides (source: adventureinyou)

Admiring the Ubud Botanic Garden

For you guys who enjoy greenery, flower, and open space you should visit Ubud Botanic Garden. It offers wide lovely green space with many different themed areas and some greenhouses and children’s area too. This place is suitable for you guys who want to escape from the crowded city and looking for quite place instead. In sum, those are 5 things to do in Ubud that you guys should definitely do while explore this area.

Nusa Lembongan, A Heavenly Travel Destination in Bali

The Voyage Bali – Nusa Lembongan is one of the appealing tourist destinations in Indonesia, especially if you visit Bali. In case you don’t know it, Bali has several smaller islands and most of them have their own unique traits and appeal. If you are coming to Lembongan island, there are several places to stay. No need to worry; there are many exclusive hotels providing the best service and amenities for travelers.

Lembongan Island

Nusa Lembongan is known as Lembongan Island among travelers. It is popular not only for the beautiful natural view but also for the great services and luxurious accommodations. Reaching the island is pretty easy as it isn’t far from the main island of Bali. You only need to use the boat and travel for 30 minutes to travel between Bali and Lembongan.

Nusa Lembongan is one of the 3 most popular islands outside Bali, including Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan. Among the three, the most developed one is Nusa Lembongan so travelers tend to stay there although you can also find accommodations at Nusa Ceningan. If you want to enjoy the whole trip, prepare 3 to 4 days to explore these islands. Once you stay in Nusa Lembongan, it should be easy to find accommodations. You should hire a bike to explore around. It is inexpensive and you definitely will have easy access everywhere.

Nusa Lembongan Activities

So, what can you do at Nusa Lembongan? Scuba diving and snorkeling is quite popular here – after all, the natural setting supports such a thing. The most popular spots are Blue Corner, Mangrove Forest, or Manta Point. Second, you can also visit Devil’s Tear, a place that is great for your photo background and also a place to see how strong the sea is. The strong sea waves rolling to the shore, creating a blowhole effect – this is known as the Devil’s Tears.

Moreover, you can also go to Panorama Lookout, the Mangrove Forest (you have to use the boat), and the marvelous beaches. The beaches in this island are different from those popular beaches in Bali. The water is still crystal clear and the view is just marvelous. The most popular beaches are Sandy Bay, Jungut Batu Beach, and Mushroom Beach.

Nusa Lembongan Beach
Famous instagrammable spot on Nusa Lembongan (source: Instagram)

Nusa Ceningan

From Nusa Lembongan, it is pretty easy to go to Nusa Ceningan. There is a yellow bridge connecting the two islands – feel free to use the bike to cross over and then explore Nusa Ceningan. You can go to Ceningan Cliff Restaurant, Secret Beach, Mahana Point (where you can find Nusa Ceningan cliff jumps), and Blue Lagoon. Ceningan island is pretty small – it takes only half a day to completely explore the island. However, you should stay for a whole day so you can really enjoy the places.

Yellow Bridge Nusa Ceningan
Yellow Bridge, Connected between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan (source: Shutterstock)

Lembongan Beach Club

There are also some reliable and professional Lembongan beach club and resorts. One of them is Adiwana d’Nusa Resort and Beach Club with its four-star reputation and its unique concept of jungle and sea fusion. One of its major appeals is the location, which is right in front of Light House beach. It is located in Jungut Batu Village with its white sandy beach. There are different rooms and facilities. For instance, there are 31 superior rooms for guests. For those who want to gain a private access to the lagoon pool, there are 14 suite rooms. Moreover, there are still 12 (private) villas with swimming pool.

Guests are welcome to enjoy water activities and the beach club – situated at the mangrove spot. The restaurant and beach club is offering various tasty cuisines while pampering guests with breathtaking view – the gorgeous beach and the memorable sunset. They also offer kids activities and free shuttle service. What else can you ask for more?

There are still tons of beach clubs and resorts at Nusa Lembongan – just do your research and pick the one suit your preference. But keep in mind that bring cash – ATMs are pretty limited. You’d better stick to cash. And it’s better to limit the use of plastics as they don’t recycle it. You’d better bring reusable water bottles and reusable bags – don’t litter the island with tons of plastics!

Lembongan Beach Club
Lembongan Beach Club (source: bali-indonesia)

Nusa Lembongan Accommodation

Accommodation is one of the most crucial aspects (that you need to plan and manage) when you are traveling. It’s a good thing that there are many exclusive and comfy Nusa Lembongan accommodation in the island. They are coming in different price ranges and types. And if you are looking for privacy, luxury, and exclusivity, there are some of the best options.

The first one is Aqua Nusa Boutique Lembongan Villa which is basically a five-star lodging. Feel free to enjoy the exclusive and luxurious villas on the beautiful island. One of the major attractions of the villas is their location on the hill, facing the gorgeous beach – which happens to be the world class type. The villa is known for the service and cleanliness – and the natural view. There are many things to like about this hotel. For a starter, there are different room types, such as rooms for honeymooners to rooms for groups of families. They also provide airport transportation, bike rental, WiFi, kitchenette, and pools. The place has charming and romantic vibe – perfect for your getaway.

Aqua Nusa Boutique Lembongan Villa
Aqua Nusa Boutique Lembongan, Beautiful Place to stay in Nusa Lembongan (source: Instagram)

Batu Karang Resort and Day Spa is another alternative luxury accommodation with four-star reputation. This place is right in the center of Lembongan island – providing a perfect place for serenity and sanctuary. You can stay in the private villas with their contemporary décor and Balinese accents. Each room is facing the ocean, including the marvelous Mount Agung silhouette. Besides the relaxing and comfy ambiance, you can also enjoy the traditional Balinese massage. The facilities include swimming pool, conference room, day spa, café and bar, movie theater, and gym.

Batu Karang Lembongan Resort Villa
Relaxing view at Batu Karang Lembongan Resort Villa (source: Instagram)

It can help to arrange activities like fishing, diving, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. Their service is impeccable because they can manage your surfing trips, bike rental, motorbike rental, and such thing alike. In the end, you can really enjoy your stay in Nusa Lembongan as long as you know what to expect and how to manage everything.